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Can I describe myself by answering a couple of questions such as what do I like or dislike? Some part of me is revealed this way, but not all probably.
     Inspiration, which is immediate and instantaneous, moves me. When it twinkles like a star, a sincere and happy intuition rises. It is usually called "improvisation". At that moment I feel a consistent and simple delight.

When I was 6 or 7 years old, I read "Journey to the West(; Xīyóu-jì)" for the first time. Strangely, I liked a white horse that Xuánzàng(Buddhist priest) rides on more than I liked Sūn Wùkōng(: a monkey, main character of the story); who likes a monkey or pig more than a horse? This white horse is not in fact a horse but it is actually a dragon who was once a man. One day, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy transformed him into a horse and made him escort Xuánzàng.
     Looking at the illustration of a dragon transformed into the shape of a white horse, I felt like drawing a horse. It was my first will and desire to express something, and indeed, I drew a serious portrayal. After that first moment of inspiration, the feeling is more off and on, and hard to recapture.

     I was born and grew up where wide fields spread out and the harsh wind blew in winter. In spring, my father used to play Bach's "Air on the G String" on a LP player under the Yulan magnolia trees. I yearned for the tiny yellow lights glimmering on the western horizon in the evening. This place is my home and the source of my sensibilities.

     Blocked and frustrated by something invisible, I listen to the music, exposed to wind, standing here. Then I can feel the moving of the wind as in a visual impression similar to the dragon in "Journey to the West" which approaches through the woods from the horizon's edge. When it is wafting in my face, it seems that someone whispers me, "You are not a freak. You will be a white horse and do good things soon."

     I don't like to do meaningless things, but I do like to imagine interesting things and to express them. I wish such interesting things happened more. I wish to meet good people. I wish them God's love. A couple of times, I was frustrated and made mistakes, but I do believe and hope that I can arrive at the right place, like a white horse...

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